User Communities

Enabling Field Service User Groups.

If your business has anyone out in the field performing anything from Service Requests, Installations, Maintenance, Sales, Site Inspections, Fulfilment Orders, Deliveries, WorkWide can work for you!

Maintenance Crew

Digitise Job Cards to ensure checklists are completed in real-time, on location, with images, meta data and client sign-off.

Field Technicians

Digitise Field Service Engineer capture of site evidence, parts used, site surveys etc.

Onsite Technicians

Provide history, knowledge and collaboration tools to help technician execute efficiently.

Dispatch Centres

Demand Management
Combine work requests from all internal and external sources into logical lists.

Verify parts availability, schedule best tech, customer engagement, achieve other prerequisites before engaging technician.

Back Office Operations

Demand Management
Integrate into applications such as ERP & CRM. Produce performance reports, dashboards, cross-functional analytics and alerts.

Manage maintenance plans such as SLA’s. Produce pricing and invoices, manage depot repairs and logistics.

Business Use Cases

In the new fully digital world, the new battleground where customers are won and lost is Client Experience. This is where WorkWide delivers tangible value, in every industry. We understand that it is through automation and modernisation of technology that profitable business operations are realised. We understand that the customer experience and technology are inextricably linked, so take look at some of our use cases, or Contact Us if you would like to find out whether WorkWide can help you and your business. We are sure we can!

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