Job Management

Our Job Management features ensure that your tasks are carried out in an organised and structured manner, with all the attributes required for the job details to stay in check. We do this by ordering the jobs into their priority status’, assigned to the respective personnel by skillset, resource and bootstock availibility. All jobs have capability to leverage off multimedia uploads, onsite capturing and real-time collaboration.

Add Metadata to Photographs

Add comments or additional information to all photographs.


Changes to fields, task types and fields instantly synchronise to the the mobile app

Electronic Signature

Digitally sign on the mobile device.

Photographic Evidence

Tag all images with geo-location metadata.

Advise the Users of Latest Version

Auto-update from the app store if enabled.

Barcode Scanning

Ability to scan a barcode as a field input for asset management

Knowledgebase – Advanced

A knowledgebase easily accessible via the mobile app and web site to assist with operations.

Push Notifications

Push notifictions on all new tasks and updates to existing tasks.

Attachments Knowledgebase

Upload attachments from the desktop or mobile application itself.

Image/Attachment – Mark Up

Ability to mark-up an image in the app before uploading with Workwides drawing tool.

Notifications & Alerts

Notifications and alerts for mobile and web users.

Task Dependancy Configuration

Chain multiple tasks into a workflow, so that the end of one task can kick-off the next.